Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Link has come to town

Ok, I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan, but I've only really played 3  4 of the games and never finished one. The farthest I ever got was in The Ocarina of Time for N64, and in Link's Awakening on my gameboy color. I've tried Majora's Mask and the classic A Link to the Past but never got too far. I loved playing OoT, though. I would play it again in a heartbeat. I love the exploration, the characters, Epona, the Ocarina... I love that you can go fishing and swim in the lake. It's a classic adventure game. You can even say it's Legendary. I have two different versions of the soundtrack, and currently when I get a text message on my phone, it plays the sound effect that plays when you acquire a new item!

Anyway, I acquired a pattern years ago of Link in Wind Waker style, even though I never played the game. I thought he looks kawaii and chibi and all that. I never got far, but I started again after unpacking my craft supplies from our recent move. I love mindless crafts, why not multitask and make something cute (instead of being put off by crafting altogether because it is a "time commitment")? Besides, just sitting there and stitching string into holes is kind of boring because my mind will wander and itch for some other stimulation. I like letting my mind wander, too... but I like listening to podcasts or watching The X Files or Dexter while I stitch (right now it's Doctor Who). If I don't have any other stimulation, chances are I'll have the Hyrule field theme playing on loop in my head while I stare at Link. About 2 weeks ago he didn't have a head or color. I expect to finish him in another week or two, and then I'll move onto my first attempt at amigurumi.

I have some elaborate (and some simple) cross-stitch projects I have to post about soon. I have half a dozen ideas on designs that have yet to come to fruition. There is so much to stay tuned for, so stay tuned!

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