Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garden update

I've been busy this week with my Link cross stitch. I can't think about gardening all the time, it gets boring waiting for things to grow. I'm disappointed that my Cilantro and Chives still haven't shown the slightest sign of life. My Oregano sprouts have been doing well, but are are tiny as heck!

The photo below is one of my three parsley sprouts.

I love how the "true leaves" that first come out are like teeny, tiny versions of those trademark leaves we recognize from the grocery store. 

This (above) is one of my bell peppers.

I tried them on the sill, but I don't think they were getting enough light. I tried them outside next but I think it's been too hot (it hasn't rained in like three days). I guess summer in Miami isn't the best planting season, although I do have these nifty $1 pots from Ikea to haul them around in.

My tomatoes are growing very well, but I've had to patrol for whiteflies. Again, summer...

The leaves are aromatic.... I can't wait till I see them start to flower!

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