Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stuff I want to try!

I have a lot of blogs on my Google reader. I mean, I follow 34 blogs just in the craft/cooking/gardening sections. I get a lot of ideas. This post is going to be about things I actually want to try.


When I read this blog, I want to cover our house in nerdy crafts.

Tiny pies!
Button cupcakes

Portabello Pesto Pizza (how's that for alliteration?)
Chicken Shawarma- have to admit, I don't know what this is but it looks good! I love this blog!
Birthday Cake Pancakes! I love cake batter ice cream, so I gotta try this...
Skillet Lasagna, another awesome looking meal courtesy of Budget Bytes. I love the step-by-step photos!
Creme Brulee French Toast- Jorge's favorite dessert in breakfast form?
BLT Pasta Salad- I love experimenting with pasta salads, I get creative. I will certainly post some of my trademark recipes!

Other food:
Homeade fruit leather- a good use for mango? We'll see...
Sky in a glass- this looks awesome!
Sweet Sprouts - they look like seedlings!

Inspiration for home projects:
Chinese lantern = Hot Air Balloon. Ikea hackers is a treasure trove for DIY projects for the commoner. I've also wanted to create a Mud Room in our entryway. I think every house (with room) should have one.
I loved this unique way to store yarn- on display inside a wine rack.

This last link isn't something I would likely ever own, but in my ideal world, I would be able to ramble in the forest wearing a gorgeous Dream Coat. They are a bit pricey to begin with, but I live in Miami, FL. Chances are it will never be cold enough to warrant one.

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