Saturday, August 13, 2011

Amigurumi Mermaid

I've loved mermaids ever since I was young. I used to believe I could become one after watching the movie "Splash" (which after seeing recently, I have concluded that Disney imitated bigtime). Well, I noticed a little amigurumi mermaid I had favorited on Ravelry, and sought a better one. Like my quilt, I wouldn't just start with something easy- I had to start with my ideal even if it was beyond my skill level. My husband says that I jump right into things. Unfortunately, sometimes I get ahead of myself and take a long time to finish. Here's how I started.

I bought the pattern here and went over the abbreviations. I watched videos on youtube to help me learn each technique. If I can learn algebra, I can learn this! It's not so hard, it's just foreign. Once you learn how to do the different stitches, it's as simple as keeping track of where you are. A post-it and a pencil help. This project spurred me to buy a stitch marker which is a life saver. I started making quick progress the first day and could see the tail taking shape! I started it on August 2nd.  A week later I was almost done, but the hands were a little slow-going. I messed up on one arm and had to frog it (which means unravel the progress I made). With some tenacity, I may finish this weekend (or in a few days) and I'll post the finished product and the stages of finishing her: stuffing her, sewing her, attaching her hair and embroidering her features. It took a lot longer than I thought just to start stuffing her! It's turning out great, though.

Having these disembodied limbs laying about make me feel like the Ice Truck Killer.

 I have this itch to make more things that my fingers can't keep up with. I want to go knit ALL the amigurumi now.

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