Monday, August 22, 2011

Come on, Irene

So.... planting season in SoFla coincides with the months with the harshest and most frequent hurricanes. Now I'm rethinking planting this Saturday considering a hurricane is predicted to hit Friday. Maybe I ought to wait till October. Yes, the title is a reference to the song "Come on Eileen" with the name of the hurricane. ^_^

My tomatoes have been suffering from the whiteflies (those son-of-a-Bs) so I made some insecticidal soap and threw in some cayenne. It doesn't seem to be working so far. Two of my bell peppers have been viciously attacked by snails. It's rather discouraging. I saw beautiful photographs of colorful, luscious veggies and dreamed one day I'd be able to harvest some of my own. We'll see.

I've been busy with cooking up lots of great stuff this weekend, so that guacamole recipe (which is awesome IMO) was just an afterthought. After taking so many pictures and chopping so many veggies, I thought what-the-hey, why not? I've also been knitting up plenty of mermaids and cupcakes (look to the right for a preview!) as well as plotting future projects and prepping my stash. Look for more works-in-progress, recipes, and finished crafts soon. I finished Link, I just have to frame him now (I love that I just added a link for Link). That's all for today!

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