Friday, August 12, 2011

The cake is a lie

In early 2009, my darling husband acquired the game Portal and promptly played through the brief game. I sat and worked on my blanket while I watched, and we both greatly appreciated the dry sense of humor woven throughout the game. The ending song Still Alive was one that he really liked, enough to acquire the entire discography of its author, Jonathan Coulton. I listened to it all before he did and to this day it has been one of our most loved musicians. We saw him twice, and one of those occasions we had front row seats when we saw him on our honeymoon! 
Back on topic, he is a huge Portal fan, like I imagine anyone would be after playing the game. For his birthday, I made this for him:

It's a little funny because it say "The cake is a lie" and it shows a chocolate cake, and I gave this to him for his birthday... and in a sense the cake was a lie, because he hates chocolate. It's a cake he will never have.

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  1. portal and cakes...this is the summary of mine and pablos relationship lol....very cool!