Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello, blog

How long has it been? Too long, surely. Well, we've been up to many things lately, and I suppose that I ran out of a bit of steam when it came to documenting. As a matter of fact, I don't see how I will be able to permanently keep up with a blog with all the other stuff I've got coming up this next year.

For the moment, I'm enjoying my home with my husband, and all the domestic bliss that comes with knitting by his side while he plays L.A. Noire (a detective game set in 1947). We just finished sending my mom and siblings off to the northern parts of the midwest, where my siblings will surely suffer shock when they experience their first winter. I still haven't seen snow, though.

Tonight I hope to finish a shawl I've been working on, and will block the beauty sometime over the next week. I just finished the first of a pair of socks for DH, and will eventually make its mate.

Anyway, I'm a knitting fiend at the moment, I can't get enough. I go over to Ravelry for times like this, because they understand me there. Yes, I realize that it makes me sound like a hipster, but hipsters are big frauds. They like to do things before they were cool, but doesn't that imply that they wanted to be cool first, though? I'll never understand.

Till next time.

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