Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So many knits to make, so little time

I have so many projects I want to start, I don't even know where to begin. I tend to have periods of extreme motivation to do things, and then I have these lulls where I can't bring myself to work on something to save my life. That's kind of how I do most things, including housework. I will procrastinate until things get very messy, then put in a few solid hours and make a huge difference.

I go on knitting and reading binges all the time. I mean, I'll go six months without reading a book, then in 3.5 weeks, I finished all 7 Harry Potter books. Well, I have knitting fever once again, I just finished a wool lace shawl, am about 5" away from finishing the other sock, and am wondering what comes next. I made swatches for a sweater for Jorge. I bought the yarn back in January, and I want to finish so he can use it this winter (if it even gets cold... HA!) I settled on everything, It's just a matter of casting on.

But I can imagine I'd be working on this thing and nothing else till almost Christmas. That leaves me in a pickle, considering my ambitions include making warm weather accessories for my siblings who just moved to Minnesota, and I have a long queue of baby items waiting. I have until around Feb. 1 to finish, and then I will have no more time for knitting. That's because I will be too busy being a mother! That means, any items I want to use for the baby will have to be finished by then, hopefully much earlier. When planning these things, it seems like the months will fly by. Heck, it already seems like that now. I've had a productive year, though. I finished my knitcoat (which I started in Oct last year), and I've finished & started 3 shawls, 1 wrap, *almost* a pair of socks, a pair of mitts, and some random small projects like a needle roll and an Oliphant that looks like Max Rebo. I really should post these, shouldn't I?

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