Monday, June 27, 2011

Vivi - A ceramic figure from 2002

When I was in my homeschooling enrichment ceramics class, my younger brother Andre was shilling Final Fantasy to me. He made me play Final Fantasy 9, and I didn't want to initially because I thought it looked like too much of a kid's game.  Let's just say I enjoyed it enough to be inspired to create another character (see this post for the moogle) in my beloved ceramics class. His name is Vivi, but the black mage is a recurring character type in Final Fantasy games. They have different powers than say, a summoner or a knight. Nerd stuff. Look it up.
 This is what he looks like in the game:

He is a cute little ghost boy, although the characters' costumes in this game are a little weird. I created two of him, and I don't have pictures of the sculpting in progress, but this is after they were fired and before they were painted:

The painting was probably the most fun part. I love how adding the right colors can make this nondescript character into a specific character with a specific costume:

He was fun to make, even if it is a little wonky around the edges. It looks like he's got a big brother-little brother thing going on.

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