Monday, June 27, 2011

Cross stitch'n

Ha! I tricked you. This isn't even a real post about something I did or am doing. I meant to post yesterday, but unforeseen events kept me from doing so. However, I was inspired by something I saw. I was at Bubba Gump in Bayside (one of my faves), and I saw this sign in the gift shop: "Being this messy requires character. You should see the characters who live here." I found it appropriate for... well, our house. We are filthy slobs and we are self-proclaimed characters! I didn't like the aesthetic aspects of the sign, it was black, white, and yellow. Yuck. I would also embellish it with clutter to punctuate the message. Maybe throw in a plushie, a book, a DVD, some car keys...

Do you design your own embroidery, or do you follow a pattern? I started out by following a pattern for ONE thing, and have done nothing sans augmentation since. I can't help it. When I cook, I change the recipe or make it up. When I knit, I merge patterns. I believe it's a true sign of a creative mind. I need to make it my own, so I think outside the box (pattern).

For cross stitch, I've been using graph paper and pixelmator for mac. I can much more easily give away patterns from something that's already on the computer. I've got two three more ideas for unique cross stitch patterns... so stay tuned! I'm going to post another previously completed project today, but there are fresh stitches coming your way soon.

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