Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today is Summer, yesterday was Spring

From time to time, you'll find that I will deviate from the blog's theme and add a bit of my thoughts on other subjects. I can't have a new blog without marking Summer Solstice accompanied by Michael Leviton. His song "Summer's the Worst" may not reflect my individual feelings on this particular season, even though South Florida can feel like Summer actually started in February and will end in November. I can truly appreciate a song that is not only so filled with emotion, but tells a story as well. One commenter pointed out a poem:

The Mermaid Poem
by William Butler Yeats:
A mermaid found a swimming lad,
Picked him for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown.

I took two classes in college in which 50% of the reading content was W. B. Yeats. I read so many of his poems and learned to have a great appreciation for them. Without further ado (and more ranting by me), here's "Summer's the Worst".

Does she keep claiming victims because she wants something she can't have at the expense of their lives? It looks like she's trying to push him away, but keeps getting seduced, knowing it will be fatal. She lets her desire claim life after life. Why does she keep returning to the beach, then? Is she purposefully claiming victims?

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